Blue and off-white floral pleated mask
Floral Print pleated mask
leopard print pleated mask
Pleated Mask
black pleated mask
white pleated mask
yellow pleated mask
black and red floral pleated mask
Pleated Mask
Pleated Mask
Pleated Mask
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Pleated Mask

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These masks are based on medical surgical mask spec.  Rectangular when flat, it opens up to fit tightly over an adult face and is perfect for long use.  This mask is not a replacement for an N95 or a certified surgical mask and is best used when social distancing is difficult.  It comes with safety and care instructions.  Made with care in London, Ontario.


  • ties
  • built in wire (for shaping around the nose)
  • moisture wicking antimicrobial fabric lining
  • machine wash, hang to dry

If you would like to special order or see something that's not in stock, feel free to send a custom inquiry over social media messaging or email

Everyone has a unique face; we would like to make sure each mask fits you perfectly.  Have a feeling you may an extra little dart or tuck?  Let us know, and have a free mask fitting if you are picking up!

*Please know that this mask is a general fit for an adult face.  Different fabrics may behave and stretch differently.  If you are unhappy with the fit, let us know and bring it back so we can adjust it free of charge.